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Summer 2015 4v4 O'35 - O'45 Monday Night Football (Soccer)



Monday Night Football (Soccer) registration is open for 2015 Summer Season,


Registration fee is per player, see below. Register as a team, or if you cannot find a team you may register as individuals, or a group of players. Central League Administrator may randomly draw individual players to form a pool team if necessary.

Please use this form link for 4v4 Team registrations (opens in Excel), or this form link for individual registrations (opens in .pdf). Please save these forms to your computer, fill them out, then save them again and email.  If you just work in your browser, they may not work properly.  New players must include a digital picture for their player pass. Email completed forms to Mark Phillips at to register, or if you have questions.

- Preliminary team rosters/individual registration forms are due Thursday, 6/4/15.

- Registered teams/individuals rosters & team assignments will be due on Monday, 6/8/15 at Crossroads Middle School at 7:00pm. When fees will be collected and teams/players may be updated.  We will also play/scrimmage then.

- The team rep will be responsible to collect the player fees from their team members and turn them in to Central League.

- A minimum fee of $30 per player must be paid before a person can play the first game, and ALL fees must be paid in full before the fifth game or any unpaid player will be suspended until the balance is paid up.  The balance of ANY previous fee or fine due to CL must be paid in full before the player can register for a new season or team.

- WEATHER PERMITTING, Regular season games begin Monday, 6/15/15.

League Rules and Fees

- 35 year old division, 2 players per team can be 33 (age by Dec. 31, 2015).

- 45 year old division, 2 players per team can be 43 (age by Dec. 31, 2015).

- 6 teams per division.

- Unlimited player roster per team.

- 10-game season, no playoffs.

- Games will be played Monday nights 7:30pm (O'45) & 8:30 pm (O'35).

- All games will be played at Crossroads Middle School in Irmo.

- 50 minutes game, 5 minutes half time break, one 5 minute golden goal OT tie breaker if needed.

- No 3-line rule, goals can be scored from anywhere on the field.

- Substitutions on any goal kick, possession throw-in, injury, and after a goal.

- Team players must wear numbered shirts of a similar color.

- Age-eligible players may register for only one team in each division.

- Registration Fee for players registering on only one team:

- $50 per player currently registered in Central League (Sept. 2014 – Aug. 2015)

- $75 per player NOT currently registered in Central League since Sept. 2014.

- Registration Fee for players registering on a team in both divisional age groups:

- $80 per currently registered player

- $105 per new player.


- 4 points system will be used to determine standings: 4 points for a WIN; 3 points for an OVERTIME WIN; 2 points for a TIE; 1 point for an OVERTIME loss; 0 points for a regulation time loss.

Columbia, 29212, SC