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Support Our Local Stores!


With the recent demise of the Corner Kick I am reminded again of what an important thing it is to support our local soccer businesses.  We are a community of soccer enthusiasts.  We share a love of a sport that is often overlooked in the United States. We are often ridiculed for our passion by fellow Americans who do not appreciate our sport.  As a result historically soccer as a retail market has always been an afterthought.  Take a look at the soccer choices at Dick’s or  Wal-Mart and you will know what I mean.  Without local specialized soccer specific businesses  like the Corner Kick or Soccer Post we would not have had an outlet for quality soccer gear. These businesses take a risk by taking on the overhead associated with a retail outlet and provide jobs for soccer enthusiasts like yourself.


Now with the advent of the internet there are more products available to us as soccer consumers.  The prices are often cheaper  than retail outlets and the variety greater.  Yet that savings has a cost. That cost is felt throughout the local community when local businesses suffer as a result.  Some of you are guilty of trying on shoes and other gear at a local store and then going online to purchase to save a few dollars.  To me this is the equivalent of eating at a restaurant and stiffing the waiter of a tip.  Nobody thinks twice about tipping a waiter or waitress 15-20%  for the service they provide, yet they balk at paying more for a pair of shoes.  This after someone has paid rent, taxes, inventory, wages, electricity etc. to provide you a place in which to shop and try on those shoes.


I ask each of you to think twice about where you purchase your soccer related gear.  Look who is supporting soccer in your town.  Try and support them as well.


Charley Krawczyk

President, CL-SCASA


Columbia, 29212, SC