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Upcoming Winter 2022 Futsal season


5v5 Winter Futsal Team Registration
Location: Glenforest School, 1041 Harbor Dr.  West Columbia SC  29169
Game time: 6:30pm, 7:15pm, 8:00pm, 8:45pm
Tuesday- Coed (FULL)
Thursday - Mens (FULL)
 State Date 1/3/2023

Team fee: $475
State fee: $24.39 (Membership Fall 2022 thru Summer 2023)
Player fee: $5 (per person)
Referee fee: $15 (per game)

Guaranteed 6 games and 2 rounds of playoff
If you want to pick the per player option then cost will be $50 per player. This fee does not include State , player or Referee fee.  $50 fee is only to cover team fee.
Promo code for per player: Option2
Click Here to Sign up
DEADLINE to sign Dec 27th or until division is full
Columbia, 29212, SC