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Bracket A and B

Don't forget your player pass, numbered shirt, and referee fees!

10 game season.  Winners determined by standings (no play offs!)

General Rules:  1. Screened numbers are required  2. Validated Central League/SCASA passes are required at every match (no pass - no play)  3. Floating Keepers must have their pass and are not permitted to play on the field  4. Referee Fees are $10 per team  5. Any forfeit will cause the team to be charged a $25 fine which will be deducted from the bond which must be reinstated via check to the league via US mail prior to the next match (a 3-0 score will be awarded to the opponent)....see more

Bracket A:  Cheetahs, Internationals, Orange Crush, Uno Mas

Bracket B: Appletini*, HFSC, Shurley's*, Uno Mas Dos

(*Each goal counts double)


Columbia, 29212, SC