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Division 2

Playoffs for D-2 start 14 November 2010 with 2 games scheduled (Seed #7 vs Seed #10 and Seed #8 vs Seed #9). 

Weather permitting the Quarter Finals (with the 8 remaining teams) will be held on November 21st; Semi Finals (with 4 the remaining teams) will be held on December 5th; and the Finals (with 2 remaining teams) on December 12th).

Good luck in the playoffs!

Final D-2 Standings:

Seed 1: Capitals FC Too

Seed 2:  Uno Mas

Seed 3: Cock-N-Bull

Seed 4: Nomads

Seed 5: Lucky Green

Seed 6: Element

Seed 7:  Majestic SC

Seed 8: Columbia Crossfire

Seed 9: WeCanHasWin

Seed 10: Furia Deportiva


Columbia, 29212, SC